JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and in this article we will take a look at the best ways to learn JavaScript. As well as its popularity, JavaScript is an extremely important programming language. It controls elements of your web page like HTML components. It can manipulate, calculate and apply logic to data as well as retrieve information from Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
Knowling JavaScript can also increase your chances of finding a job that is well paid. There is a shortage for JavaScript developers and salaries are well above the average salary in almost every country around the world.

Best Ways To Learn JavaScript

In this article we have gathered together the best ways to learn JavaScript based on our own experience. We will take a look at books, paid courses and free resources that are available out there on the internet.
Let’s start off with Books! Books are very underrated and they are a great way to learn new things. The best book of them all for this is JavaScript from begginer to Professional. This book goes into great detail on how to learn JavaScript and become a well trained JavaScript developer.
If you are more of a visual learner then enrolling onto a course can be the best way to learn JavaScript. It is both interactive and concise. With either of these two courses you will be able to learn JavaScript in no time. The first one we would recommend is JavaScript Basics for Beginners. This course is great if you are just starting out and want to learn at a slower beginner pace. Secondly we would also recommend The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert! This course goes into a lot of detail and it is a 69 hour investment but well worth it if you have the time or you want to transition into a JavaScript role.

Finally if you want to learn JavaScript but do want to invest any money, you can take a look at W3Schools! They have some of the best tutorials on the internet and they are completely free. Their JavaScript course is very good and detailed with sections for you to try yourself.



These are the best way to learn JavaScript in our opinion. We hope this tutorial will help you get started with JavaScript. If something has helped you to learn JavaScript then please let us know down below! We would love to hear what your experience has been like.

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