Visual Studio Code is one of the best IDEs (Independent Development Environment) around. It is extremely flexible due to the number of extensions and themes you can install. If you are a fan of VS Code then this new release is probably quite exciting.

Microsoft Recently released an online version of VS Code. This is basically VS Code in your browser. While there are some limitations with file access, local Git Repositories and extension support. It is a great development and absolutely the future of IDEs.

How many of us regularly update our IDE. Set up on a new computers is a pain and something like this would be great because you can have the same IDE on any machine anywhere. One of the bits about this that I am most excited about is that you can use it on the go on your smartphone or tablet. Topically developing on a phone or tablet can be a bit more difficult especially if you have an iOS device due to its limitations. The situation on Android is a lot more flexible and you have a lot of options when it comes to development and compiling code. However, on the iOS side this is basically non-existent. This type of thing plugs in the IDE gap on a lot of peoples devices and it is great!

I absolutely recommend checking out Visual Studio Code Online if you already use the IDE elsewhere.