Website Build



  • Responsive Design
  • Fully Tested
  • Browser Compatible (Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox)
  • Custom build based on a discovery phase with the client
  • Server Setup
  • E-Commerce functionality
  • Agile development where site is shared every time there is a major change to get customer feedback

Mobile Application


Native iOS or Android

  • Mobile or Tablet applications
  • Fully Tested
  • Version support for chosen OS versions
  • Custom build based on a discovery phase with the client
  • Platform build for every OS chosen
  • App store release assistance


Umbraco Training

  • Interactive Courses
  • Easy to follow
  • Engaging with the ability to contact us in case additional assitance is required
  • Course are made from personal experience with the technologies


How do you work?

Once you have chosen your preferred package work will begin by organising a call to discuss your business and site required to get a better understanding of what you need as a business. We then proceed by creating designs based on our conversation which would get signed off before any development happens. Depending on the package chosen, implementation will get shared differently but you will have plenty of opportunities to see the site before you have to sign off the final product.

How do I get charged?

We have many payment options ranging from direct bank transfer, check or card payments. In terms of when you will have to pay, it will be based on certain milestones. Once we have the initial conversation a project breakdown will be created with milestones and how much will be billed for each milestone met. For example, 10% after design sign off, 70% after implementation is finished and final 20% when the site is up and running on a server.

How do I get started?

Pick a package and the best meets your needs and get in touch with the team. We will evaluate your request and get in touch within 24hrs. If what you see is not what you were looking for, please still get in touch and we will give you a personalised quote based on your business requirements.

Additional Services

Hosting and Support

Hosting your bussines website and support for any issues that might come up. Technical questions or other IT related issues can be resolved by contacting us. Hosted environment in the cloud that is maintained and set up by us.

Get In Touch


Personal training time based on topics from the available courses

Get In Touch