Coding on mobile is becoming a viable option and as mobile phones are becoming more powerful tools it is only normal to be curious if you can code on the go using your smartphone. However some adjustments are required in the way you work and the way you think about coding.

A lot of people have the misconceptions that you simply can’t code on mobile due to the lack of tools and software. If that were the case I would say that there is a gap in the market that developers should exploit!

It is true that the level of apps available and the tools at your disposal are not as powerful or sophisticated. However this does not mean you can’t code on the go. What I would suggest is changing the way you think about coding on your phone.

For example the IDEs (Independent Development Environments) available on mobile are more clean and allow you to focus on the code itself. What I would suggest is when planning your work, is to think about what bits of code I know exactly how to write.

If you are making a calculator app and you already know how to code the addition function then leave that part for coding on your phone. The reason for that is you know what you need to write, where it needs to go and you do not necessarily need to debug the function. However for the view and how the calculator app will look you will probably benefit of a larger screen to be able to better see what is happening.

Try to separate your workload in a way which will allow you to fully utilise your time as well be able to achieve what you want to do.

When coding on mobile you need to have more focus and potentially plan ahead of time what you will do. While you may be less efficient than coding with a full keyboard, it can still be time well spent and definitely worth while.

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