Are you a developer and wondering how you can make extra cash on the side? Like many of us we work full time and want to diversify our revenue streams. As a developer we actually have so many options with ways we can do that!

The aim of this article is to discuss examples of what you can do that won’t involve spending lots of time. Like for example free lancing and working on developing things by the hour. We will look at things that will hopefully generate you income over time and might require an upfront time investment but after would be relatively low maintenance.

#1 YouTube

Making coding tutorials or reviewing tech products is a great way to get views on YouTube! In fact if you want to check out our channel you can head over here to see our content. Once you create these videos, you can link affiliate links in the description and earn some additional income for people who watch your videos and are then interested in buying the product. If you manage to get enough subscribers you can also sign up to the YouTube makers program which directly pays you for your views.

#2 Medium

Medium is a great place to write about coding tutorials, algorithms and other development related topics. Medium directly pays you for reads and people signing up Medium. The great thing is that your articles can earn money far into the future.

#3 Udemy

Udemy is an amazing platform which allows you to make courses and whatever topic you know or are interested in. Developers use it to refresh themselves or learn new things. I use it myself whenever I want to learn a new thing. I also sell courses on there which you can find here. When a sale is made you get the income for that sale and Udemy takes a cut as well. Courses take a big upfront time investment however they can be very low maintenance after you first make them.

#4 Mobile Apps

Making a mobile app can be a great way to earn ad revenue. If you wish to put more upfront time investment with little maintenance I would recommend going for a game that requires the user to get a high score. These games require little game level design.

#5 Extras

You can always go the route of free lancing and selling your time by the hour. Going on websites like UpWork and Fiverr will allow you to sell your development services and you can earn a very good rate. However you need to make sure you are aware that if you want to make money you will need to spend time. Your income is directly tied to the amount of time you manage to sell.

As a developer we have a lot of options to increase our income without necessarily selling time. Hopefully the above tips will allow you to build a small side hustle that will earn you some extra cash whilst still continuing your full time job.

Not all of us want to quit our job that we love but we do want to earn some more money or enjoy sharing thoughts or ideas on things we enjoy!