Database Software

Terminal Software

Termux is probably the most versatile application in the Google Play Store. It is essentially the Linux command line on your Android device. You can install many packages that you are comfortable using on your Linux machine such as Vim. Tie this in together with your SQL client you can install a MySQL DB locally on to your phone using Termux and directly query results from it on your phone. Termux on its own could be your IDE, Server and DB server if you want it to be due to its flexibility. The only thing you need to watch out for is that not all Linux packages will work. This is because not all packages can run on an arm processor.

Web Server Software

With KSWEB you can run your own local Apache Web Server directly on your phone. The very interesting part is that if you pay for the Pro version you can even have a Public IP address that can be accessed from any other device. So in theory you can create a PHP website on your phone. Deploy it there and host it from your phone. I probably would not recommend using your phone as a Server to host your live website due to the fact that your site will go down anytime you lose connection. However, in theory you can do it and if you can guarantee your phone having a constant internet connection, it can even be an option for you to do.

Independent Development Environments

Independent Development Environments or otherwise knows as IDEs are key tools for writing code and easily read the code you have written. Some of my personal favourites are Acode which is more of a text editor for most languages. However, it has built in project creation for TypeScript framework projects such as Angular and Vue. It also has a build in Git integration with GitHub. FTP integration and a console to help build and run your projects. Overall the IDE is great for doing coding especially for front end development.

I hope the above information has helped you start or continue your development career using just your phone. You can do everything from just your phone and, more and more having multiple devices is becoming less of a requirement to be a developer. Please use the above applications I suggested as a starting point, there are many more very good applications out there and if you need a particular tool, chances are that there is something already out there. If there is not, then you probably found a good first project for yourself to create the tool that you and probably many more are trying to find on their device.