Brownbrogue has been producing great photography and video across home and fashion for almost ten years. They have an amazing in-house team that has worked with some of the biggest retail names in the industry. Brownbrogue offers a variety of services including Agency Services, Studio Hire and Productions.


The Problem

Brownbrogue approached The Coding Hub for a website refresh. Their current website was developed a few years back and they wanted something a bit more modern and current. They were keen to showcase all of their work in an easy to use website where the user did not need to have many interactions. They provide three main services: Agency, Studio Hire and Productions. Each one needed to demonstrate the work and space in a video format that easily transitioned. This way the user could simply watch and not have to scroll continuously to get the information they need.


The Solution

A custom website was created for Brownbrogue which allowed them to populate each side of the business with a video that showcased the best of their work. With a consistent design and easy to navigate, each user is able to experience the website in a very simple fashion. The client is also using our hosting and maintenance solution which gives them the peace of mind that if anything happens we will be taking a look straight away.

You can see the website here.