There are many tools at our disposal these days that we can use to learn how to code. I have gathered a small but useful list that can help new or existing developers learn new skills or simply reaffirm lost knowledge.

Mobile Apps

There are so many mobile apps available on both Android and iOS. Some free and others have costs associated with them. My personal favourites are SoloLearn, Programming Hub and Mimo. SoloLearn and Mimo offer similar courses and learning techniques. Both are free and provide certificates on completion of a course. Programming Hub is a more premium offering with monthly or one of lifetime payment. There are a lot of courses available and all have certificates once completed.

Training course websites

My personal favourite way to keep my skills up to date and learn new things is to use paid for courses from websites such as Udemy. Udemy is great as it has multiple different courses in a lot of programming languages and technologies. We actually have a course of our own published on the platform that you can fine here. You can also read about the course here.

PluralSight is also a great subscription base website where for a monthly fee you get access to every course. It has multiple different skill trees to follow and become a specialist in that area. There are exams that measure your skills and suggest courses based on your current knowledge. PluralSight is extremely popular with the development community and you should definitely take a look!


A lot of course makers decide to publish their material directly to YouTube where they have more freedom and control over their content. There are many full fledged courses on the platform as well as very interesting videos on technologies. It is also a great way to stay up to date on new releases. The coding hub has its own YouTube channel that you should check out for new and interesting technology related topics!